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The city of Valencia is, fundamentally, an area of services whose influence reaches out far beyond the limits of its municipal area. Today the active population in the services sector is 74% of the total, with a large portion of these in the final demand activities, wholesale and retail, of specialized services for businesses and professional activities.

Even so, the city maintains an important industrial base, with 14% of the population working in this sector, which is made up of small and mid-size companies. Those which particularly stand out are the paper and graphic arts sectors, wood and furniture, metallic products and footwear and clothing.

The economy of the city has enjoyed positive dynamic growth during recent years , which can be seen reflected in the unemployment figures, registration of vehicles, or in construction licenses. The dynamism of the city as an economic centre and as a place of reference for a multiplicity of economic activities is also reflected in the strength of institutions which are key for economic development such as the Valencia Trade Fair, the Autonomous Port, the Stock Exchange, the Palace of Congresses or its Universities. Valencia also has a number of important cultural institutions that are becoming increasingly important in the development of the city: the IVAM (Valencia Institute of Modern Art), the Palace of Music or the City of Arts and Sciences contribute an undeniable added value to the city and to its metropolitan surroundings as centre of culture and leisure.

On the other hand, the agricultural activities, even though their importance is relatively minor, still survive within the municipal area, occupying a total of 3.668 hectares, mostly occupied by horticultural cultivation. More statistical information at the web of the Oficina d'Estadística.

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